Ray-Ban Sunglasses Ray-Ban RB4147 6015X


Product introduction

The World's Finest Sunglasses

Rayban who has left the title of "The world's finest sunglasses"

RB4147 BOYFRIEND, which has a seasonal and 6 -curved lens shape based on the Wellington type.

The front end contains Ray -Ban original studs, making it an exquisite point.

RB4147 601/5X set in a clear color lens that can be covered throughout the year. Cut the ultraviolet rays firmly and protect your eyes from the outside world.

This model will be a unisex model that can be used for both men and women.

It is made in Italy that produces many luxury brand eyewear.

Sunglass / sunglasses
Model number
RB4147 601/5X
Ray-Ban (Rayban) / Ray-Ban
[Frame] Plastic
[Lens] Plastic
[Frame] Black
[Lens] Clear
[A] Lens vertical (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 46mm
[B] Horizontal lens (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 60mm
[C] Nose width (straight line distance on the left and right nasal portion) about 15mm
[D] Side temple (overall long distance of side temple) about 140mm
[E] Frame width (straight line distance from hinge to hinge) about 133mm
Lens spec
[UV transmittance] 1.0%or less
[Visible light transmittance] 91.5%
Continued (current model)
Dedicated case, cross, warranty, instruction manual

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