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Product introduction

The World's Finest Sunglasses

Rayban who has left the title of "The world's finest sunglasses"

RB4098 is the sunglasses of the "Jackie OHH" series inspired by the fashion scene of the 60s.

A butterfly shape with graceful and sophisticated in evolution.

It can be used as a fashion item, as well as a casual everyday fashion, such as a little outing that does not require preparation, or when driving a strong west day.

This is a ladies' model.

It is made in Italy that produces many luxury brand eyewear.

Sunglass / sunglasses
Model number
RB4098 642/13
Ray-Ban (Rayban) / Ray-Ban
[Frame] Plastic
[Lens] Plastic
[Frame] Havana
[Lens] Brown Ladient Dark Brown
[A] Lens vertical (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 50mm
[B] Horizontal lens (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 60mm
[C] Nose width (straight line distance in the left and right nose portion) about 14mm
[D] Side temple (overall long distance of side temple) about 130mm
[E] Frame width (straight line distance from hinge to hinge) about 140mm
Lens spec
[UV transmittance] 1.0%or less
[Visible light transmittance] 16%
Continued (current model)
Dedicated case, cross, warranty, instruction manual

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