Ray-Ban Dimming Sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3669F 001Q5


Product introduction

The World's Finest Sunglasses

Rayban/Ray -Ban has left the title of "The world's finest sunglasses".

RB3669F, a soft square shape inspired in the 70's. It will be Youngster / Young Star Line that combines playfulness and sophistication.

The slender metal frame and pop color lenses create a retro atmosphere while staring at the future.

This model is a unisex model that can be used for men and women. It is a full -fit model that can support fitting with a crisp type nose pad.

This item changes the lens color depending on the amount of ultraviolet raysDimming sunglassesEVOLVE series. It responds to various weather without changing the lens.

Photochromic Sunglass
Model number
RB3669F 001/Q5
Ray-Ban (Rayban) / Ray-Ban
[Frame] Nickel alloy / plastic
[Lens] Plastic
[Frame] Alista
[Dimming lens] Photo green (→ blue)
[A] Lens vertical (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 41mm
[B] Horizontal lens (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 57mm
[C] Nose width (straight distance of the left and right nose portion) about 20mm
[D] Side temple (overall long distance of side temple) about 145mm
[E] Frame width (straight line distance from hinge to hinge) about 139mm
Lens spec
[UV transmittance] 1.0%or less
[Visible light transmittance] 15%
Continued (current model)
Dedicated case, cross, warranty, instruction manual

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