Ray-Ban Sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3612D 00211


Product introduction

The World's Finest Sunglasses

Rayban/Ray -Ban has left the title of "The world's finest sunglasses".

RB3612D with a cool finish with a pantos chase that combines round and oval elements. It is a popular Young Star Line sunglasses for young people. This model is a unisex model that can be used for both men and women.

Minimal and straight temple design creates a sharp profile.

It is an ASIAN DESIGN/Asian design designed to be easy to adjust and fits an oriental face.

Sunglass / sunglasses
Model number
RB3612D 002/11
Ray-Ban (Rayban) / Ray-Ban
[Frame] Nickel alloy / plastic
[Lens] Plastic
[Frame] Black
[Lens] Grave Diet Dark Gray
[A] Lens vertical (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 48mm
[B] Horizontal lens (straight line distance of lens excluding frame width) about 56mm
[C] Nose width (straight distance of the left and right nose portion) about 19mm
[D] Side temple (overall long distance of side temple) about 145mm
[E] Frame width (straight line distance from hinge to hinge) about 137mm
Lens spec
[UV transmittance] 1.0%or less
[Visible light transmittance] 22.8%
Continued (current model)
Dedicated case, cross, warranty, instruction manual

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